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Here is where I try to put a few words down about why I started traveling the winding road.

Of course I love to travel. Lots of people do. Everyone has their own reasons to love travel and this site is simply to share my stories with whoever is inclined to read.

I came up with a term for the kind of travel I am drawn to: immersive exploration. When I travel, I go all in. My senses are heightened to sights, sounds, smells, tastes and people. I become a keen observer, unlike my every day life. I take it all in. I absorb.

Once it’s over, there is some quiet time. This is when the experience emerges. I never know how. Sometimes it’s song, a lyric, a saying. Sometimes it’s a picture, a television show or an advertisement. Once the hook happens, the story begins to write itself and my intention and hope is to provide my readers a window into people and places through a story.

The story can include history, cultural events, music, famous people, food, family — whatever the feeling of a place and its people.

I tell stories through travel in an attempt to reveal what we have in common with people who are not like us, how similar the overall human experience is and what we would like about each other.

Patience, tolerance, and understanding can go a long way in this world. I like to call it my Revolution of the Heart. Army of one. (Read about it here)

If you like it, use it! #RevolutionoftheHeart

Country List!

North America (3)
U.S. (45 states and counting!), Canada, Mexico

Europe (13)
England, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, The Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Portugal (Azores)

Middle East(1)

South America (6)
Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Chile

Central America (0)

Africa (2)
Zambia, Zimbabwe

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