Saguaro To Sea: To The Sea!


There’s nothing quite like my first glimpse of the beach at Plum Island in Massachusetts. Whether I’m away for day, a week, a season or a whole year, the thought is always the same.

“Ah. There it is.”

Standing in front of this particular part of the ocean, my body relaxes, I involuntarily exhale, and I have yet to find the words to describe the feeling inside.

2013 Fall 011
See what I mean?

And though the Winding Road has taken us back to the desert, back to school, back to “normal” life, I was brought back to my beach today when I saw this:

PI Allison
Photo: Allison Chamberlain Jones

My friend Allison posted her daily travels on Facebook. I saw this and I felt that weird little feeling in my stomach. I felt longing. “Oh, here I am in the 110 degree desert and there she is at that beautiful beach somewhere in New England. It’s just not fair.”

The location said “Peabody”. I know there are parts of Peabody I’m not familiar with, but did they also have a beach like this? One that made me feel like Plum Island? I felt like I should get to know Peabody a little better because maybe I could feel at home there too.

A couple of pictures later, and more leaps from my middle, I knew I was looking at Plum Island, not Peabody. I should have known from picture number one. Kind of like,

“You had me at hello”

Here’s a few more pictures.

Keep scrolling if you want to hear my take away from surfing Facebook on a summer Sunday.



So many special moments on this beach. Full moon rising from the sea, July 2014
So many special moments on this beach. Full moon rising from the sea, July 2014
A new friend. His owner left him with me on the beach for a while, because he loves the beach too and she needed to go. (She came back later and got him.)
He and I were definitely on the same wavelength. Dreamy.
Live the dream

That’s it: Live the dream.

Follow your bliss.

If something, someone or someplace makes you feel like Plum Island makes me feel, follow it. You don’t have to know who, what, where, when, or how. Just follow it in your heart and soul until all those details are figured out.

Every year, as I live out my year in the desert, I don’t know how I will get back to Plum Island, or when, or with who. But, every year it happens.

I only know why. Because it makes me feel alive and aligned in heart, body, mind and soul. This place is mostly a dream right now, one that I get to enter for a short time each year. But, it’s my beautiful dream and I intend to live in it the best I can.

What’s yours?